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Cannot load OCI DLL: C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_2\BIN\oci.dll"


Hello guru


I have the problem : Cannot load OCI DLL: C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_2\BIN\oci.dll"

OS Windows Vista 64 bits sp2
Oracle 10g 10.0.2 - 64 bits Server

Toad for Oracle version installed on the Database Server

I didn’t install the oracle client yet .

My Question is , based on my configuration above , why I am still getting the error msg ?


Hello Frank_Assis

I think the problem is, that “Toad requires a 32 bit Oracle client” [].

I’ve got the same Problem.

My configurations:

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Stnadard x64 Edition
Service Pack 2

Toad for Oracle Professinal

Oracle Database 10g Release - 64bit Production
PL/SQL Release - Production
CORE Production
TNS for 64-bit Windows: Version - Production
NLSRTL Version - Production

Question @expert.
There doesn’t exist a Toad Version for Oracle 64bit Client?

Thanks for help.


Toad is a 32 bit app so that means we can only talk to 32 bit DLLs. You
need to install a 32 bit client.

There is no 64 bit Toad available at this time.


As had been said numerous times and is documented on – toad is
a 32-bit app and requires a 32-bit client install. Toad can talk to a 64-bit
database server just fine, but the client on Windows with Toad must be 32-bit.


Thanks for your help.
Now i know that Toad only works with a 32bit-Oracle-Client. But it astonishes me when does an Toad works with a 64bit Oracle-client. Is there planned a product in future?
I mean - how we can see in the forum - several people would like a toad working with 64bit Oracle client…


If you search the yahoo discussion threads you will see the answer several times
…. When Delphi offers a 64-bit compiler.


There is also a discussion on this at the Toad Idea Pond ( ).