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Toad : Cannot load OCI DLL


Hi ,

I have installed Toad for Oracle version on my 64bit laptop with windows10 OS.

I have also installed Oracle forms 11g on my machine which connects to databases and works well. To save some space on my machine I was trying to eliminate the need to install another client just for toad and instead use tnsnames of Oracle Forms. Though after setting ORACLE_HOME environment variable the toad login screen shows “SQLNET Editor” and “TNSNames Editor” ticked with green but when I try to connect to database I get error “Cannot load OCI DLL: C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_FRHome1\BIN\oci.dll”.

On browsing online found that one cause of the issue is 32-bit toad installed on 64-bit OS machine. Can anyone confirm if this is still true? if yes then I will go ahead and install 32-bit client.



Hi Imran,

the problem sounds like, you have 64 bit Toad installed and only have a
32 bit Oracle client (via Forms).

They need to match, so a 64 bit Toad needs a 64 bit Oracle Client and a
32 bit Toad needs the 32 bit Oracle Clinet.


Norm [TeamT]


And to confirm, Toad 10.6 is a very old version of Toad, and would be 32-bit. As Norm mentions, Toad bitness must match the Oracle Client bitness.



Thank you for the response.

I have 32 bit Toad installed but the client is 64 bits hence will go ahead and install 32 bit client.