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Cannot revoke multiple object grants at the same time from role



From SB "Roles" view.
I select single role, click tab "Object Grants".
Select 3 DELETE grants, and click "Revoke selected object grants"

I get this message and click OK


Screen refreshes and these 3 DELETE grants are still there. If I refresh one more time, they are still there.

Same issue when I select 2 DELETE grants.

It works only if I select single DELETE grant and click that button.


I thought I reproduced this at first, but it seems to be working well consistently for me now, and I am questioning if it ever failed (the role I was testing with had lots of grants).

Maybe I am missing something. Please try this:

  1. Turn on spool sql so you can be certain exactly what the script is doing.
  2. Capture a screen shot of what is selected
  3. Click Revoke Selected.
  4. Post the screen shot and spool sql output.

If you need a workaround besides revoking them one at a time, double-click the role to open the "Alter Role" window, and revoke from there.