Object Grants no longer displayed in schema browser

Hello all,

For some reason I am no longer able to see the object grants on the right-side when looking at users or objects themselves.

I am using the same DBA account on the same DB as a colleague who is himself able to see the object grants.

I used to be able to see them but they have somehow disappeared from TOAD (not the DB !)

Appreciate any suggestions.

  1. Make sure that Options -> Startup -> Check for access to DBA Views is checked (if you have to check it, restart Toad)

  2. Turn on Spool SQL to capture what Toad is doing, see if there are any errors.

If 1) and 2) that doesn’t help…

  1. What versions of Toad and Oracle are you using?

  2. Exactly where are you clicking/looking and exactly what happens?

John - many thanks - you were embarrassingly spot on with #1.