Cannot start Toad for SQL Server ver. 8


Just downloaded a trial version of Toad for SQL Server, ver. 8
I am unable to go past this initial screen:


My computer is connected to the Internet through a cloud provider (ZScaler) as per our company policy and a proxy server. Not sure why Toad reports that I am not connected? It is not possible to cancel this message and start the application.

Please help.


I have seen where Toad may not be able to phone home because the Quest sites (like the License Portal at...
are not whitelisted with proxy or Anti-Virus layers.

Might want to check that Quest properties are ok to go to.

Also, check that there is no hidden panel that Toad may have popped up behind something else.

Thank you Gary, unfortunately I am unable to access Toad options/properties as I cannot go past this initial screen and navigate to various settings.
There is no hidden panel, tried many times...
The site above, works however well with our proxy, firewall, AV software, etc...

This issue was not present in TOAD for SQL Server ver. 7.4, or previous versions, seems to be ver. 8 specific.


May I suggest taking this to Quest Support, please?

I looked in the Knowledge Base for Toad SQL and there's nothing there that I could see that addresses this. Support can document the issue, or perhaps they know about the issue that other users have experienced, and the engineers just have not had the time to document it, since 8.0 is so new.

Any other Toad for SQL Server users experiencing this same issue of Toad 8.0 not being able to launch?