Cannot uninstall beta 5.0

Good afternoon:

Our IT department is attempting to uninstall TDP 5.0 BETA version on Windows 10 CPU to install the newly released TDP 5.0.XX, however, it is not allowing them to uninstall the BETA version. No error message received or any other notifications. They've even tried installing the 5.0.XX to see if it would then uninstall the Beta, but that version won't install for us either and Beta version remains installed. Is there some sort of uninstall tool for the Beta version of 5.0 release?

I have not heard of anyone having similar issues. The Beta and Commercial product are side by side so they won't uninstall each other. Can you provide more specifics or screenshot on what you are experiencing? Do you get some kind of message box when trying to uninstall or install? Also, when installing you should run as admin when running the installer. Are you using the exe or msi?

Good morning Debbie:

Our IT team was able to uninstall the Beta program this morning and install 5.0. There was something going on on our end preventing the uninstall and install of the new software from occurring. After rebooting and other changes made on our end they were able to install new 5.0.

Thank you very much.


Crystal C.

Good to hear. Thanks for update.