A real uninstaller ...

Ok, that was kinda vague … :slight_smile: sorry about that …

Right now, in order to uninstall an early version of toad, to install a new version, you must have the installer of the old version, or else the new version will not update! That means, that the uninstaller is bundled into the installer package which is not a good thing at all …

Any chance to have the uninstaller …installed, so we don’t have to hope we have that version installer handy?


TDM3 uses .MSI, which is Microsoft Installer.
There are several ways how to uninstall TDM3, e.g.:

  • launch MSI and select to remove the software,
  • via Add or remove programs,
  • via Start menu | Programs.

From your post, I suppose you did not uninstall previous version first. - So, I did not do it either. I had v. 3.0.13 and ran install of v. 3.1.5. I went through the steps in the install wizard and launched the install process, reading the messages appearing during the install. - Firstly, the old version was being removed and then the new version was being installed. In other words, current TDM version was updated during the install process automatically. TDM v. 3.1.5 launched properly then, no problem occured.

Could you please write us the way you installed the new version? Thanks in advance.