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Cannot use TOAD to connect as SYS/ SYSTEM as sysdba

When I login directly to the Database Server, I use sqlplus and can login as SYS or SYSTEM / as sysdba. But TOAD doesn't allow me to connect with SYS or SYSTEM / as sysdba.
How to solve this issue ?
Sincere thanks

Oracle client on my windows 10:
Database: Oracle 12c in Linux server
TOAD version 14

Linh Vu

Choose the appropriate connection type from the "Connect As" drop down... assuming that your login has been granted privs to connect this way...

The database will also require:

  • A password file;

Norm. [TeamT]

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Thanks for reply. I do have the privilege and have the correct password file. The weird thing is I can connect with any other user, except SYS/ SYSTEM.

I know that you can connect on the linux server with "/ as sysdba".

Can you connect that way with SQL Plus on your PC? (specifying tns entry, like sqlplus /@server)