Cant conect to Psotgres database, Exclusive use with Altair Application

i have a Digital ocean hosted Psotgres SQL database to wich i am trying to connect.

I am trying to conect using the "Connect -> PostgresSQL" menu, but after introducing my servers Ip address and my user and password, credentials that have worked in other clients without problems, i get the following mesagge


Telling me my license its for exlusive use with Altair application? i am using the Trial license version of TDP, but that does not seam to be the issue.

What am i doing Wrong?

I'll take a guess here and say that it appears that the ODBC driver provided by Altair might need to be licensed? Unless you're saying that you have connected successfully with this same driver in a non-Altair app...

What if you use the Postgres connector that TDP supplied instead of ODBC?

Sorry for taking so long to reply, but yes you were absolutly correct, Thank you