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Toad Edge Connecting to Postgres with Kerberos


Thru toad edge , I am unable to connect to my postgres instance with an id that is mapped for Active directory thru kerberos. Non AD enabled users are able to connect. From the same machine AD enabled users are able to connect thru other tools and psql. Can you please help troubleshoot .


Hi, we have received also support case to fix this, so we are working on solution, and we will let you know.
thank you.
Miroslav Stanik


Hi Miraoslav,

Do we have update on the issue and what is the ETA.



Hi, we are working on the fix, it should be ready in version 2.0.9. but if we fix it sooner, we will provide a patch.
Miroslav Stanik


Hi, we have added functionality with Active Directory authentication to PostgreSQL, please download and try this version:

thank you
Miroslav Stanik