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Can't find menu item Editor Code Assist, missing

I’m ultimately trying to add some code snippets to my Toad for Oracle,, on a Windows 7 laptop. All the instructions that I can find to do this start out with “Select Editor | Code Assist”. This option does not appear in my Editor menu. Has this moved or not an option in my version? tia.

You will want to go into the Toad Options and search on the word Snippets or go to Editor and select Code Assist. Then you will see in the upper right where you Add, Edit or Delete your Code Snippets

I meant the Editor Options within the Toad Options, not the actual Toad Editor. :slight_smile:

Thx!! I was confused on the word Editor, since that is a Menu item and an option located under the menu View - Toad Options - Editor | Code Assist.