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Can't find Oracle home

I reinstalled oracle 11 from win64)11gR2 and Toad for oracle, but I can’t find 11g home from Toad. I was able to connect to Oracle 11g about 5 months ago with Toad I am not sure what’s wrong. My win7 64 bit machine just reimaged by our tech support.

Thank you for any help!

Is Toad also 64-bit? If not, you need to install 64-bit Toad or a 32-bit client.

32-bit Toad requires 32-bit client. 64-bit Toad requires 64-bit client. You can check whether Toad is 32 or 64-bit in the Support Bundle (from the Help menu) on the second line.


I was just about to hit “Send” when Mike’s reply rolled in. The only other thing worth mentioning is that it’s OK to have both 32 and 64 bit Oracle client installed on the same machine.

Thank you, I installed Toad 12.6 64 bit, now it is working.

Hi, John, Did you made phone call to me? I can’t hear last 4 digits well. If you did, thank you very much. The problem solved. Thank you for you and Michael posted very help information.


No, that must have been someone else who called you.