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Can't generate reports unless


I am using version of TOAD. I am trying to produce a report of various pieces of my Logical Data Model that contains more limited information, as the reports are 1,500+ pages long containing information about all the objects. However, when I un-check the ‘Generate All Model Objects’ checkbox in the Report Wizard, I get a MS JScript Runtime error that says the following:

Script: BasicRTFLERReport

Description: Object Expected

Row: 3024

Column: 9

If I can only produce these huge reports, I don’t think they’ll be very useful to our business people or our developers. I can see that I have a ‘Reports/XSL Transformation…’ object when printing out the Physical Data Model, but some of our key documentation (especially textual information around business rules and processes) is likely to be stored in the Logical Data Model. Can anyone tell me how to limit my output while printing out the Logical Data Model?

Thank you!


can you send us your model and write what WS did you try to include to your report, please? You can email the model to It will be used for testing purposes only.

BTW: I recommend you to run model verification and test your model in expert mode (to avoid problems with corrupted models).…/




we found the problem and created a patch for you. Download modified system file from the following location:…/1448.aspx


Vaclav & TDM team

Great - and thank you, Vaclav - it looks like I’m all set with the Logical data model report printing. The same thing is happening with the Physical data model reporting as well. Is there a patch you can forward for that as well?


fix for the physical model can be downloaded from:…/1449.aspx

The package contains two files. One must be copied to folder Metamodels.


Vaclav & Mario

Hi Vaclav - thanks for the patch. It is working fine now.

Hi Patrick,

you are welcome. And thank you for sending us feedback/bug report.

Vaclav & TDM team