Can't install Team Coding on Oracle


when I install Server Sides Objects on the database, the installation goes without an error. When I open “Team Coding”->“status”->“messages” I become following message:

Team Coding Objects found in schema SYSTEM
The version of Team Coding Support on this database is older than that of this release of SQL Navigator for Oracle 6.1.1. However, Team Coding will continue to work. To enable Team Coding, the Team Coding Support Objects must be updated using the Server Side Installation Wizard. This task should be performed by a database administrator.

The objects should be in in SQLNAV, not in SYSTEM?

I have deinstalled und installed the Team Coding objects with the same issue.

I try to install with SQLNav 6.1.1, no Team Coding installed before.

I hope someone can help me.


The problem was, that the QUEST_COM_TEAM_CODING synonym reference referenced to SYSTEM not to SQLNAV schema. When I alter the synonym reference to SQLNAV it works.


Hi Chriz,

Not sure why it was put into SYSTEM instead of SQLNAV. I had Team Coding set up on 9i and it doesn’t have this issue.

Hi Gwen,

it was probaly my own fault, it’s not a bug of SQLNav. Unfortunately I can’t track the mistake back. Thanks for your answer.


Np, Chriz. Glad it works out.