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Unable to print in A3



I have created a large landscape diagram which I am trying to print in A3.

I have selected A3, Landscape and Fit to Page on the Page Format dialogue box, and it previews perfectly. When I try to print it however I get a single page of A4 showing the top left section of the diagram.

I have also tried printing to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, but that refuses to produce a landscape page. any attempt gives me a portrait page with some of the diagram hanging off the edge.

The only thing I have managed so far is to a PNG file and print that, but that loses a lot of quality.

Any help would be appreciated.




I apologize for dealyed response. Please try to select printer and format on Page Format dialog. Click File | Page format and select a printer at bottom of the dialog. Then specify Page fomat in the first combo box.

If it does’t help, please send us your model to and we will look into the matter.

Thank you,



Thanks - but that was what I’d already tried.

Don’t worry about it though. I was evaluating the product to see if it was for us and we wound up going for a different one.