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Captions for links between tables

Is there a way to specify distinct captions for the two ends of a relationship between two tables in a physical model?

As an example, from the video rental model, a Customer borrows movies, I wanted to add one caption on the Customer side, Borrows, and on the other side, Borrowed by.

I used before ER/Studio from Embarcadero and you could add descriptions on both ends of a relationship. I was curious if you can do something similar in TDM. I find that sometimes having captions on both sides of a relationship can enhance the readability of the model.

Thank you

Update: I started to use Rectangle Labels. Is there another way?


unfortunately this functionality is not in current version of Toad Data Modeler. Instead of it we use only set of labels. Rectangle Label is one possibility. You can use “Text” shape to insert some caption. “Text” shape is without any border.

I think it can be useful function. You can insert your Idea to Idea pond.