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Logical Model Documentation

Hello - I’m brand new to TOAD DM. What is the typical way that one would incorporate Business Rules into the Logical Model such that they could be viewed with their Logical Entity counterparts? For example, if I had a ‘Contracts’ Category showing all of the tables (and their relationships), what are best practices for documenting those Entity relationships in a way that could be delivered to/consumed by a Business User? Would the Business Rules be simply annotated directly on the Logical Data model itself, or is there another area that such documentation would be recorded? We’re looking for a way to delver data model illustrations that are also supported by textual documentation to speed up new employee’s understanding of the data and the business it represents.

Hi Patrick,

Your best bet is to use descriptive names for the captions of the relationships that exists between entities. Objects in Toad Data Modeler have a name which uniquely identifies the object but also has a caption which can be anything of your choosing. For example, if you might have an EMPLOYEE entity and a DEPARTMENT entity. For the relationship you could make the caption say ‘works in’ to show that an EMPLOYEE works in a DEPARTMENT. Be sure to make sure that captions are shown on the diagram by disabling the Hide Captions toolbar button as shown. Hope that helps!