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Relationship Captions

Hi. Newbie question. I'm new to data modeling, and love Toad. Just wondering when I have a relationship between a parent table and child table, what would you recommend for the caption?

I will have a lot of one to many lines. Just trying to make it easier to read for everyone.

Should the caption be an English equivalent of what I am doing? For example: Address?
I'm thinking the English equivalent of what I'm doing.

Or should I show the Parent/ Child database column names? Is there a standard way to do it?

Hi diane,

There are many ways to create a caption for relationship.
It must be understandable to you.

I have 1: n Non-Identifying Relationship for tables
"category" ---- "product".
I can create caption "fk_product_category".
I can create caption "belongs to". In other words, "product x belongs to category y."

You can inspirated in sample model "Videorental" in TDM (you can find in directory Samples).

Best regards

Awesome! Thank you Petr.

I appreciate the tip.