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Cardinality and Modality

I used Toad Data Modeler to construct a ERD for a University assignment and have received my mark back with the notation:

“at each end of a relationship, there should be 2 sets of symbols–connectivity and participation. Right now only one end of a relationship has participation symbols.”

I am unable to find anywhere how I can format the relationship to show the “one and only one” symbol for the parent entity in a crows foot diagram where there is a one to many relationship, the 2 vertical lines i.e. -||-----O<-. What Toad generated in my ERD was -|------O<-. In my relationship properties I used Identifying and mandatory parent in the cardinality.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Toad Data Modeler doesn't show two vertical lines.
For information about notations please search for Notation keyword in Help.

There are various types of notations and Toad Data Modeler doesn't support them all.