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Category usage and export/import



TDM defines categories on model level but I think that it is better to have categories on workspace level. The same table can have different roles in different workspaces. So the same entity can have different colors in different workspaces.
Is it reasonable?

I don’t see possibility to export/import categories between different models. Can it be included in dictionary export/import?



Hello Vitaliy,

Categories in TDM are used for objects of model, not for their graphical representatives on WS (shortcuts). If you wanted to use them for shortcuts, the purpose of categories would change. I guess, lots of customers will not like it.

You write that the same table can have different roles on different WS. Let me ask you what you mean by the role. Do you mean a graphical display of the table? (If so, you can change the table format on the WS.) Or do you want to work with the particular entity in a different way on different WS? Thanks for your explanation.

Export/import categories - we will not include it among Dictionary items. Category doesn’t belong there. However, it could be an item in something like repository or gallery. CR for this already exists - CR 33 752. Unfortunately, I’m not able to tell you when we will deal with this task.
Workaround: You can easily copy Categories among models - between Model Explorers of the two models - CTRL+drag&drop.


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka,

Sorry for delay with answer. First of all I was not capable to use drag and drop technology for categories. Our TDM version is 3.4.15. We work with physical model explorer. I tried the following: open model that has categories. Select all categories and click edit-copy (CTRL-C). Then I just created new model and then click edit -paste (CTRL-V). Nothing happened. I didn’t figure out how I can open 2 different models in the same physical explorer window. Is it possible?

Now why it is reasonable to have categories on Workspace level. Let’s assume that Model has 2 subsystem and you need to have ERD diagram per subsytem. You want to have 3 colors on your ERD: 1) lookup, 2)main transaction , 3)from other subsystem.
You can’t do it if categories/colors are defined on model level




Hello Vitaliy,

Thanks for your reply.
How to copy categories between ME: I’ve made a movie showing this. It may come in handy to more users.
Please watch the short movie at:

Now why it is reasonable to have categories on Workspace level.
Thanks for your explanation. It seems you need to use categories for another use case than for which categories have been meant in TDM. In TDM there is the Main Workspace that contain all items of model. This can be divided into, let’s say, sub-workspaces. Entities assigned to particular category are colorfully distinguished and this property is shown on all the Workspaces in the same way. Generally, object properties are the same on all WS BUT format can be different.
So, for your use case, let us suggest you to use different format for the entities. Do not add them to categories, but select entities on one WS (SHIFT), right-click | All Objects | Format and change the color. Take the same steps on other Workspaces. One entity will have a different color on different WS - just as you need. I hope it will help a little.
In any case, we will further discuss your suggestion. CR # 73 400. Thanks for your patience.

Tip: If you want to learn more about copying/moving objects in TDM, please watch the following movies:

To learn more about shortcuts on the WS, changing format, properties etc., please watch:

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team


Thanks Vladka for your answer. I didn’t’t understand docking/undocking technique. Your explanation is great and flash movie is perfect.
By the way shift + double click is not listed in hot key list provided in help.
Plus I don’t understand why you can’t achieve the same goal just by regular CTRL-C and CTRL-V functions.

As for colors your suggestion is not very good for us. What you suggested is approach in Oracle Designer. But you can’t produce readable legend based on that. TDM categories are perfect to set colors in ERD, especially there will be possibility to redefine categories on workspace level.



Hello Vitaliy,

shift + double click is not listed in hot key list provided in help.
Thanks for your notification. I will add it there for next TDM version.

I don’t understand why you can’t achieve the same goal just by regular CTRL-C and CTRL-V functions.
We will add it. CR 73 517.

Thanks for your patience and great co-operation.


Vladka + TDM Team