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Connection Categories (Color Coding)

I’m using Toad for Data Analysts v3.1. I find the connection categories and color coding helpful when working in several different environments, but I want to edit the list of available color codes categories (e.g. edit or delete category names). How can I do that? I can’t seem to find a config file or option screen to handle it.


Click on the ellipse and you will get color palette.

Thanks, Debbie! That’s new to me, but it’s not exactly what I mean. I want to be able to remove or rename categories, not just add new or different colors. Sorry, I wasn’t exactly clear in my original post.

Like this?

That menu item only lets you add new categories, which is kind of my problem :slight_smile: I have categories in my list I want to delete.

Okay, deleting a category is a bit tricky. Please do the following.

1.Locate TDP Application Data directory - go to Help -> About and click ‘Application Data directory’ link.

  1. Close TDP.

  2. In the folder that opens make a backup copy of Connections.xml file.

  3. Open Connections.xml file in Notepad.

  4. Search for the name of the category you want to delete. Let’s say it’s ‘Development’ category.

  5. If this category was defined then you’ll find ONE OR MORE occurrences of the string like this:


You have to delete ALL such strings. You do have several occurrences if several connections are assigned to Development category.

  1. Save Connections.xml, start TDP and make sure all your connections are present.


This works well, however I have an additional task of deleting (or renaming) the default categories (Development, Production, Test). Is this possible?


Unfortunately these three categories are hardcoded in TDP and cannot be removed. You can only change their colors.