A suggestion on the GUI

I have just installed the Beta and tried to do a few things. I am very impressed with this product.

Just a small thing, if an Entity is selected in the Model Explorer, say Employee, it would be good if that entity can be automatically located and highlighted on the workplace, which is like what the Find (Ctrl+F) does.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Let me explain.
TDM supports shortcuts of objects. Shortcut of object is a graphical representative of the object. What you see in workspace - entities, views etc. - are graphical representatives of the objects.

So, you have entity Employee in your model - one entity Employee is listed in Model Explorer - one exists in your model. However, TDM allows you to display this entity in many workspaces and even display this entity several times on the same workspace.
So, if you selected just the entity in Model Explorer, TDM wouldn't know which shortcut of the entity should be highlighted.

Expand the node of the entity, see the Shortcuts folder. There you can see all shortcuts of the Employee entity and information on which workspace the shortcut is. Double-click the selected shortcut -> particular WS will open and the object will be highlighted in WS.
Please see the attached screenshot.

To learn more about shortcuts and how to work with them can be found e.g. in this movie:

Other movies (if you start working with TDM, please see those 'Getting Started'):

Also, please feel free to:

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.



Thanks for the reply. I am happy with that, although I initially meant to highlight an entity on the current working WS when selected in the Model Explorer. Message was edited by: yuane

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Another tip:
Find the WS in Model Explorer: Workspaces | select particular WS | expand the Entity Shortcuts. Double-click the selected entity - the entity (its shortcut) will be highlighted in the ERD.