Change color of alias text in Toad

Hello, I am very new to Toad and relatively new to SQL in general. When I was learning SQL, I used Oracle SQL Developer. My company uses Toad, so I am trying to adapt to it. One thing that is driving me crazy though, is that in SQL Developer it automatically detects aliases and puts them in a different color. It helped the readability for me tremendously. I looked through the Toad settings and couldn't find anything like this. Can anyone please assist me?

Below is a screenshot of SQL Developer that shows the aliases in a goldenish color.

Hi Dad Jokes,

Sorry, we don't have the ability to highlight aliases, just tables/views in your schema or owned by SYS. You've probably seen that happening already. It's set up in 2 places in Toad Options:

Here, to turn it on/off for your login schema's objects:

and here, if you want to change the colors:

Ok, thank you for the help.