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Minor bug on window color

Good Afternoon team TOAD ,

Just noticed this today, in TOAD for Oracle In the schema browser Click the Change Session drop down list and choose a recent session with a different color. The session will change but the color on the TOAD main window will stay the same as it was. This happens on both MDI and SDI modes.


Hey Larry, can you post a screen shot? I just tried this and colors are changing as expected...but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

Good Afternoon John,

It is the color outline of the schema browser icon to the left of the Schema Browser words on the window


The outline is maroon, now I choose a connection where the schema browser is blue:

The schema changed, the words update everywhere, but the border around the Schema Browser icon in the window bar are still maroon when this connection is blue.
I then add a new connection and delete it, the addition fixes the wrong color, as shown below in blue:


I see that, thank you.