Changes in Single Schema Object Compare output window.

I don’t seem to be able to copy from the Compare Files output window anymore. Is there any way to select and copy?

Also, I get a hint popup “Click on the diamond to use this line in the output file” (or something like that). I have no idea what that means. I finally found that if I click on “Enable merge”, that I actually see a diamond (I assume this is the diamond refer to by the hint). I still have no idea what to do here. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Also, there is a Switch Sides button on the Compare Files, but no such option on the Sync Script output. That would be very helpful to have on the Sync script, since changing the source and target in the Compare Object window is a bit of a pain.

Thanks for the feedback! The underlying component with the Compare Files window has changed. The new component is newer and quite a bit faster than the old one that used to be there. The old one also had no way of providing “merge” capability, which was needed for Team Coding. I tried to pull over all the major options from the older component so it would be a fairly easy transition, but I may have missed a few things. So please feel free to let me know if there’s something you need that’s missing.

You can copy individual lines from the LHS and RHS simply by pressing Ctrl+C. I was trying to add multi-line copy for the left and right-hand sides of the compare window and noticed significant performance and syncing problems between all three editors when that was enabled. Since it was fairly late in the release cycle, I figured it was best to leave that out rather than introduce other problems. As a result, the easiest way to do a full copy from the Compare window is to click the “Enable Merge” button and copy from the Merged Source panel. (I realize as I’m testing this that there’s a bug where the Merged Source isn’t initially populated when doing a basic compare. That will be fixed for the next beta.)

Alternatively, if you're only looking to show the differences, you can click on the Report button. That will show you a report of all the differences between both files:

The hint popup is a bug. That will be fixed as well for the next beta.

The Switch Sides button should be available for both modes (compare vs merge) of this window. It’s located right next to the “Enable Merge” button.

The Merged Source will always initially be based on the code in the left-side of the compare.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, or if you see anything else.


For the next beta, I’ve also added a Copy Source button to the toolbar. Depending on which window is active (LHS, RHS, or Merged Source), it will copy the entire contents of the underlying source to the clipboard.


An Undo function would be fine to restore the original state. I was unable to reload the scripts of two tables after I accidentally hit the Format button on toolbar.

The button says “Reload and recompare” but I think reload is missing in this situation.

Scroll a large package with mouse button is extremely slow: it takes the line scrolls up/down with a huge delay.

I’m also missing a text size option.

The reload probably wasn't happening in your case because it was coming from a string source, rather than a file. I'll take a look at that and see if I can put in a fix for that for tomorrow's beta.

The scroll issue is caused by a Windows "Optimization" feature called "Smooth Scrolling for Listboxes". There are two options here:

  1. Click on the "Options" toolbar button and select "Merge Wheel Scrolls Comparison Selection". This will scroll the selected item in the LHS and RHS, rather than scrolling the entire window.

  1. Turn the "performance" option off in Windows: right-click on My Computer, go to "Advanced System Settings", click on the "Advanced" tab, click the "Settings" button under "Performance" and uncheck the "Smooth-scroll list boxes" option. List boxes should scroll properly now throughout all of Windows.

The text size should default to the Editor's font. Is that not happening for you?


John, thanks for all the info and I look forward to the fixes. Is there a possibility of adding a Switch Sides button to the Single Schema Object Compare window to easily switch the Source and Target? This is more to do with the Sync Script output than the Compare Files output.

Hmm... Looks like the Beta forum didn't include my screenshots in my original response. The Switch Sides button should already be there in the current beta. It's located right next to the Merge button:

Is this button not showing in your version?

I definitely see it on the Compare Files windows, which prompted me to think how nice something similar would be on the Single Schema Object Compare window - for switching the Source and Target for the Sync Script output.

Ahh, gotcha… I’ll forward this on to the developer for that window and see what he thinks. :slight_smile:

I added a “switch sides” button on the single object compare.

Wonderful. Thank you.