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Changes in Compare Files window

I don’t seem to be able to Copy text from the Compare Files window. Is there some way to do this. I do get a hint popup “Click on the diamond to use this line in the output file” though it was unclear what that meant until I clicked on the Enable Merge button. Once Enable Merge is clicked, I actually see a diamond but clicking on it doesn’t do anything and the Merged Source window is empty. If I click on the Switch Sides button, the Merged source pane is populated and the diamonds appear to do something. Not sure how this is supposed to work so any help would be appreciated.

Also,given there is a switch sides button on the Compare Files window, would it be possible to have the same on the Single Schema Object Compare window? Switching the Source and Target here is a bit cumbersome.

Did you mean to re-post these questions into a different post? Here’s a link to your original post:…/60443

Sorry about that. When I looked this morning I could not find my original on the website nor did see any response emails so I assumed it got lost (from my end or your end). Weird but please ignore the dup and I’ll take a look at your responses to the original.