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Changing a column name


Hi, I am trying to change a column name using what I found at

Other reference sites contain similar instructions.

But the column name does not change.

Here is my attempt.

SELECT * INTO RiskAdjust_Temp.dbo.WHP_W_1a

FROM RiskAdjust_Temp.dbo.WHP_W_1


Any ideas?

Thank you.


Why not use SSMS and do it without code?

In SSMS right click the Table and select Design. Change the name and click save. Done!

If you get an error you may have to disable the prevent saving changes that require table re-creation setting. In SSMS select tools - > options, click Designers, uncheck Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation, click OK


Hi wzubke, I am using TOAD and I do not see a choice called design when I rt click on the table?



I have not used TOAD for this type of management of SQL Server. SSMS is a free application from Microsoft if you want to go that route.

That being said TOAD should have the same type of functionality. Find the table on your Object explorer right click and select ALTER TABLE select Colunms change and click OK.


Thanks got it!