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Changing a Database Name in a Database Diagram

We are trying to set up some database diagrams of our processes as well as put in notes on the tables. As we were testing, we noticed that the diagram/notes seem to be attached to a specific database and logon? Our concern is what to do when we have to upgrade to a new server and the name is different. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Database diagram of TDP is not a real ER diagram tool even if it has most features of “big” ER modeling tools. It’s really a simple tool to help understand relations between tables and create queries. It does not support unconnected logical mode. This means that the ER tables always have to be linked with real tables in the database.

If you need a real modeling tool you should use Toad Data Modeling


These will still be real tables, just the database server itself will have a new name

So it will be just a different server but the same tables will be under the same schemas/databases.

In this case you should not have problems. Please follow these steps

  • Rename/ remove the old connection you used when the diagram has been created.
  • Open the diagram.
  • You will be asked what connection to use.
  • Point to a new connection.
    If the tables are there the diagram will pick them up and show. But the tables have to be under the same schema/database otherwise the diagram will not know where to look for the table

Notes that are entered for a table in the ER Diagram are store in a file. If you want to share these annotations these will be stored in an access database on your network. See screenshot and also the help file under cached options.