Diagram Questions

Hi - I am evaluating Toad for SQL Server version 6.5 and I have a few of questions regarding diagrams.

Our ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics GP. The database consists of several thousand tables with very cryptic names comprised of one or two characters followed by numbers. This makes it very difficult to find the table you are looking for sometimes. The notes feature in Toad helps since I can attach a more descriptive name or comment. Is there any way to access the notes more quickly in the Diagram tool other than select, right click, select? (too many keystrokes) Is there a shortcut key to bring up notes or some other way to make them display more readily?

Also, in our database, there are very few explicitly defined foreign keys. There are however implicit relationships that you just have to know or figure out by examining the tables and data. I can add these relations to the diagram and it remembers it later if I use it again due to the Object Cache. … Great Feature! Also, if there are explicit primary/Foreign key relationships defined in the database, the related tables can be added to the Diagram automatically when I add a parent table. Another great feature. Unfortunately, it does not appear to do this with “implied” relationships that are only stored in the object cache. Are there any options that will enable the adding of related tables where the relationship is defined only in the Object cache?

Another thing I could not figure out was a way to add a table to the diagram without having to search for it in the Object Explorer. Is there a way to add a table by typing in the name directly? It would save a lot of time.