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Changing Connection in TDP Editor


This might be a very simple question but I could not find an answer to this in the forum.

When I change connection to a different server in Editor (Toad Data Point), I double click the server name, and then have to right click the tab of the Editor to select the new connection there as well.

It would seem to me that there should be a single-step process to change connection that I am missing. Please let me know if it can be done in one step, not two.


Hi Dimitry,

There is an easy way to change connection of your query, or to run your query on several connections at the same time…

  • Option “Editor” of the main menu

  • option “Windows”

  • option “group execute”

You can also merge results with appropriate option.

I hope it helps…



Thank you, SQL_Frank!

Could you expand on this - ‘There is an easy way to change connection of your query’? What is the way to switch to another server with just one click or step?

The one step process would be to only change connection at the lower right hand bottom of SQL Editor. It will change the Global current connection for you.

Debbie - thanks a lot for your answer!

I think this will only apply to instances where I am switching among the servers that have been active in the current session. If I have a “new” (for this session) server that I want to connect, I will still have to follow the two-step process. After this the list of servers in the bottom right corner will be updated with a new server and I will be able to switch with one step. I am doing the same thing by right-clicking the tab of the editor - it also has a list of servers.

Where I am getting confused is why I have to connect with the two-step process in the first place. When I double click the server name in the Navigation Manager, I am connecting but “not quite”… I have to make another step to “finally” connect to the new server. What is the difference between my connection after double-clicking and the second step? is this Global Connection vs. some other type of connection?

We have copied the original behavior of Toad for Oracle. This means that a SQL file can be opened, viewed and changed without a connection. This also means that when you close a connection it will not close that editor. This is a subtle difference and all other windows in TDP are associated to the global current connection of the application, such as the query builder.

Hi all,

For using it every day, i think that the better way to swap from one server to another, is to use option “Group Execute”.

You just have to create all the possible connections in navigation Manager, organized in folders and subfolders. you can create different connections on the same server, using différents schema and easyly navigate between them…

When you choose one or more connections by the “group Execute”, Toad make the connection to the server, run the sql query, and disconnect from the server. So, You don’t need to keep active connections…