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TDP 3.5 - Query Builder - Change Connection



In TDP 3.1 you can right click a tab and change the connection of the Query Builder / Editor. When I try to do this in 3.5 you can change the connection for the editor like you could in 3.1, however, you can’t when using the query builder. Instead of having a menu drop down of available connections it brings up a dialogue box “Remap connection…” with the only option being the current connection.

Is this a bug or a redesign?



Hi Dave,

You are right the Query Builder now allows changing connections using Remap connection dialog.

The Query Builder uses the connection not only to execute the query but also to get different information about tables. So when TDP changes the connection it actually recreates Query Builder file with all information about tables and so on. And because Query Builder supports heterogeneous query it has to have ability to remap any number of connections.

Remap connection dialog shows all predefined connections for the same provider type. You have to define new connection before using it and it has to be the same type as the original connection. TDP cannot use Oracle connection instead of, let’s say, SQL Server connection.

I hope this explanation helps





That makes sense, however, in 3.1 you were able to change it any connection like the Editor. I found this feature helpful if you accidentally have the wrong connection active when starting a new query. Could this be an active feature only when no tables have been added?



To do it just choose the new connection from the Open Connections drop down list on the tool bar.


Good to know, however, that is not a toolbar I typically have open because it takes up a lot of real estate.


You have not to change a connection to the right one.

The Query Builder will use the right one base on objects you add to it.




I just wanted to know if the Query Builder > Change Connection could act the same as the Editor currently does (and how the QB did in previous versions of TDP). It’s not a huge issue just curious. Thanks for you help.


No, Query Builder cannot behave in such way.