TDP3.7 Export Wizard CSV File Quoted Values

I am creating a CSV export and my requirements state that every value in the extract must be surrounded by double quotes. The export wizard allows me to double quote character strings, but numeric values do not have such a setting. So, in my sql I cast numerics as varchars, but the extract still does not double quote these numerics converted to strings. The export wizard template even shows this field as a system.string not system.decimal. Any ideas why this is not quoting the number string?

I need to research this a little more. I was able to cast in the subquery where I am obtaining the values and I was able to get the numeric string to quote.

What database are you using? There should be convert function available cast number to varchar. For example, in Oracle I can use to_char(), export the query below will have the values of column quoted.


Please let me know if you need any help.