Chinese Charater Problem


My database has some chinese charater, but it doent display properly instead it comes out some strange charater…

I use windows XP chinese, locale is Chinese Hong Kong SAR. Any Idea?

Have you set the DB2CODEPAGE in the CLP to your code page? Have you enabled Supplemental Language Support in XP’s Regional and Language Options? What do the results of the query in the CLP look like?

Toad should be able to display Chinese Characters if the client is configured correctly.

I have set DB2CODEPAGE=1252, and Command line display the chinese words.

and I am using win7, win7 has Supplemental Language Suppport ?

I mean I have one XP and one Win7 has the same problem on chinese words in toad…

The asian language support is installed on XP, but still the same problem

Please try DB2CODEPAGE=1208. Also try unsetting DB2CODEPAGE.

What is the code page and code set of the database?

Setting 1208 and setting to default not work.

get database configuration—:::::

Database code page =1252

Database code set=1252

Database territory= US

I use the command line: “dos prompt” can show to chinese character correctly… however in toad not ok

I also believe this is client PC setting problem: as there is same problem on

DB2 Client administrative tool…

The 1252 database code page is Latin and Toad’s controls are Unicode. The conversion to Unicode is done as if the data was encoded with 1252. Without knowing the original character encoding the conversion to Unicode cannot be done properly.

How are the Chinese characters being stored in this database? Can you provide an example of the table definition?

the datatype is “CHARACTER”… and I know some of the rows of the column are english , some is chinese

Toad currently has no way to determine a string’s encoding besides what is found in the DB2 database.

Sometimes Windows can display characters in the original encoding by using the region settings, but Toad does not use Windows settings for characters from the database.