Getting Chinese Characters to work

Recently we’ve started receiving data in Chinese and are having trouble getting it to show up properly in our Databases.

I’m generally importing CSV files from excel. But I’ve tried getting this to work by exporting the file from excel as unicode but that hasn’t produced any results.

I’ve done some research but so far none of the solutions I’ve found work for me. I’m currently running version 6.3 of Toad. I can’t get any changes in collation to save on the database level. And I’ve tried setting the collation to utf8 on every level that I can reach but it’s still not working. Everything ends up reverting back into latin.

I’ve read a few places that I’d potentially need to change the collation on the server level. Which seems to only be something you can do when you create the server.

If anyone could give me some insight on what to try next I’d really appreciate it.

I cannot get Toad to do Chinese either.

But I can with PHP just fine.