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Clean element in automation can't export directly to TIC

I’m using the latest version of TDP(32 bit) and TICand I’m trying to set up an automation that does a transform and clean step and subsequently use the results in another query.

Now from TDP I can publish the data from the T&C step as dataset on TIC but I can’t seem to be able to do that when I use that T&C element in an automation. The “export to…”. box with the Local storage and Intelligence central buttons are visible but greyed out. Funnily I see the same grey-out in the instruction video : . Is there a way to “unlock” this box for the T&C/Clean element for automations.

Alternatively, is there another way to publish the results of the T&C step as View or refreshable dataset? Exporting as .xls or .cvs does not meet my needs as I can’t use these files as tables in my queries when they’re published on TIC. As of now it seems that any cascading report that involves a transform and clean step cannot be crafted as automation that is executable from TIC.

To export to local Storage or Toad Intelligence Central remove the path to export to Excel. You can only export to one type. The T&C Automation activity has a default path to excel and it should have been left blank. I will get that fixed. You can only export to TIC as dataset as T&C is a process of steps not a single select statement so cam't be a veiw or snapshot.