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Export template not firing Macro when published on TIC, working fine through TDP?

I have an Automation script that is published on TIC. It basically uses an “Export activity” to get the export from a SQL query and then run the macro. If I run this autoamtion script from TDP it fires the macro, however if I publish this to TIC it does not fire the macro and just the import can be achieved, I have already “Enabled all Macros” ?

Any help is much appreciated?

P.S I am using Toad 3.7

I had this error and reported it here. There is a 4.2 beta that fixes this. I believe the will be a new official version out very soon, so may be best to wait on that.

TDP 4.2 and TIC 3.3 are both released and available. We did do work in that area.

I have an open issue and should have been notified of the releases. Very frustrating.

We released on May 4 (yesterday). Once release support goes through and notifies user of fixes. This done on an individual support case bases and not bulk email. So it takes some time.

Hi, I have upgraded to the specifications above , I am still facing the same issue.