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clone a user


how to create userB just like userA in TOAD? 12


Find the user in the Schema Browser. RIght-click. Choose Clone/Copy.


That’s nifty - I did not know about the right click option.

Also extremely handy, and lets you copy/clone a user from one db to another: use the Create Script, replace all the username with whatever you like, pop in the new pw, and run as needed. Works great!


Not to sound greedy :slight_smile: but is there a way to clone an entire schema?

Currently, I’m using a data pump export and import but if Toad could do it that would be very cool.



There are lots of right-click features throughout Toad. Explore that.

If the schema does not contain data, you could use Generate Schema Script.

There is also Data Subset Wizard (you could subset at 100%) as long as you don’t have LONG or any datatype that won’t copy with “create table as select”.

Otherwise, Toad’s got a wizard to guide you through datapump, that may help.


Oh, I use lots of right click options. :slight_smile: Just never noticed the clone/copy. I’ll have to read through the options again; I’m probably a little too quickly going for what I already know.




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Find the user in the Schema Browser. RIght-click. Chose Clone/Copy.

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