Copy or create schema does not copy tables

I usually use create schema in another db, when creating a new schema, copies from prod to uat to dev. Had to do this with an existing schema with tables already existing. The create in another db and copy schema both did not create any tables upon completion. Is this expected behavior? Currently using version 13.3. Thanks!

Are you talking about Schema Browser -> Users -> Right-Click -> Copy to another DB?

Yes, that is expected behavior. It just creates the user.

It sounds like what you want is "Generate Schema Script". This will create a script to create the user and every object in the schema (but not table data).

Generate Schema Script requires Toad Expert Edition or the DB Admin module.

If you don't have that (and you really only care about tables and not every other object type), then your next best option would be to multi-select and right-click on tables from the schema browser, then either get a script to run in the other schema or use "Create in another schema"

Thanks. That is kind of what I expected. Expdp and impdp will work just fine.

That's really the best way to go if you want to move the entire schema as well as data.