Close "File to open on a new connection"

Toad all version inclucding last one 17.0.3.
When i use a script, after executing it, script remains in Toad so i often write into that edit area by mistake. And have to close it manually.
Is there any way to close it after the execution automatically?

If you just want a script to run each time you make a connection, but you don't want to look at output afterwards, you might be better off using a Script action.

To do that:

  • Create the action in Automation Designer
  • In Options -> Startup, use "Action to Execute on New Connections" instead of "File to execute on new connections".

If your script contains only a single SET ROLE, SET EDITITION, or ALTER SESSION command, you would be better off using Options -> Oracle -> Role/Alter Session instead of the above.

Second advice was super. Work like a charm. Thx

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