Automation designer & parameter file

I have a comprehension / operation problem. I defined an Automation designer script.
In the login edition, I added the "Execute Action upon connection" option and the action.

And this is where I no longer understand: Without a parameter file, the 1st connection works well, but on the second connection, all the schema are prompt
I then tried to create a parameter file, but the result is not better

where am I going wrong?

Let's back up a little.

What is your goal?
Do you want this script to run every time you make a connection?
If not, when do you want it to run?
When it runs, should it run only in the connection you just made, or multiple connections?

thank you for your reply !

Do you want this script to run every time you make a connection?


the script must be launched to lift the VPD . I have 20/30 schema per instance. It is common that I connect on several instances


Manually, through "Run with connection" it works, but I'm trying to automate this

I have been trying to set this up, but it seems the problem is that the action just wants to run in whatever connection it was defined for, not necessarily one you are connecting as. Not so helpful for what you are trying to achieve.

This works better, but the only problem is it leaves the script open in the Editor after it is run, which may or may not be desirable.

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Thank you for your solution, works great!
The open script is not too disturbing