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Editor's window opens twice when a new connection is started

Hello everyone,
when I start a new connection, two editor windows are automatically opened instead of one.
Probably it would be changed somewhere in Toad Options, but I haven't found the parameter that is responsible for this type of functionality.

How to change it?

I don't know why there are two. Let's start with this:

One of them comes from Options -> Windows.
There is an "Auto Open" column - find the row for Editor and uncheck it.

If an Editor still opens, is there something in it? Maybe this one is an auto-open file?

Yes, I have an attached file to run when I start a new connection, but earlier on, when I start a new connection with that file attached on "File to execute on new connections" option, one editor window opens and the file I automatically pointed out to run at startup is executed in it.
Now, for some time, for unknown reasons, two editor windows have been automatically opened.

So if you go to Options -> WIndows and uncheck Editor/Auto-Open, then you'll just get the editor that opens for "file to execute on new connections". Does that solve your problem?

Or are you saying that's already unchecked and you are still getting 2 editors?

"One/Connection" in Options -> Windows may help too.

Yes, now it works. Just one editor window is opened.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: