Code Complete and use of the INNER JOIN/OUTER JOIN

SELECT rwg.*

, teg.aec_report_wam_bu_group rwbug

AND rwbug.

SELECT rwg.*

INNER JOIN teg.aec_report_wam_bu_group rwbug ON rwg.report_wam_group_id = rwbug.report_wam_group_id

WHERE rwbug.

This is been true forever and is realy just flat wrong. Since the introduction of ‘INNER JOIN’ and ‘OUTER JOIN’ key words, that is really the only way to join for clarity.

When the joins are not simple cross joins, Code Complete does not work. Didn’t work in 5.0 and doesn’t work in 6.2. IT does not matter if you type period or the code complete will never popup. In addition to the examples below it does not work on the INNER JOIN line itself after the ‘ON’.

The code complete DOES work here…
____FROM teg.aec_report_wam_group rwgWHERE rwg.report_wam_group_id = rwbug.report_wam_group_id

The code complete does NOT work here…
____FROM teg.aec_report_wam_group rwg****

Hi George,

Thank you for your note. This has been on the list to do but we could not get to it yet. I will add your notes to the CR 3402.

Thanks and regards,