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Code Completion Disappears in TDP 3.5

I recently upgraded to TDP the only issue I have come across so far is that when Code Completion pops open the window to display a list of options it disappears in under one second. It is consistent in this behaviour. If I launch the Code Completion through a keyboard shortcut (CTRL+.) the same thing happens. I did not have any issues in version It essentially flashes on the screen and is gone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the one-off for this issue. We were able to reproduce and have tested as fixed. Please download Base or Pro according to your license.…/…/


Hi Debbie,

Thank you for your quick reply. However I just installed the professional version you linked to above and it has not resolved the problem.

Then you will need to detail your issue including connection type, SQL and at what point in the SQL you are having an issue.

I am having this issue on two different connection types (all that I have tried), Oracle and Local Storage.

The issue occurs at every point in the SQL where I can use Code Completion. After the FROM statement and after I have identified a schema the issue occurs. Any point in the SELECT statement where I try to select a specific column either using the full schema name or whether provided an alias in the FROM statement. The same issue occurs in the WHERE or GROUP BY statement if applicable.

SELECT d.fiscal_year_no ,d.fiscal_week_number ,sum(s.units) ,sum(s.sales_at_retail) FROM dw.sales_facts s, dw.date_dim d WHERE d.date_key = s.date_key GROUP BY d.fiscal_year_no, d.fiscal_week_number

Above is a small sample of code previously after any “.” code completion would make a recommendation as I type provided the FROM statement was populated. Now after each “.” it flashes for a brief moment on the screen and is gone. It is populated with the proper values however.

I am not able to reproduce this in TDP 3.5. When this happens do you see any messages in the status bar or messages tab of editor?

What version of Oracle are you using?

Does this occur on all connections you use? Or if you change the schema drop down in the editor? I need something to help figure out what is causing this in your environment but not mine.

When this occurs there is no messages in the status bar or messages tab of the editor.

This has occurred on every connection I have used so far, the connections include:

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server 9.0.4340.0
  • Local Storage
  • Access 2003
  • Access 2010
    In all of the connections above the code completion window will flash showing a list of options and then close itself. It stays open for less than 1 second however is populated with the relevant table names or column names depending on context. This issue will occur even if I change the dropdown schema list for the editor.

If there are any more details or information you need please let me know, I really would like to get this solved.

What happens if you change any of these Code Completion settings?

What you are describing is the Esc key being pressed. Any chance your key board has a stuck key?

Sorry for the delay. I have just tested a new keyboard and the same thing happens.

I have changed the setting you have highlighted from 250 ms to 2500ms and the only difference is that it takes longer for the autocomplete box to open. It still closes with a fraction of a second once it is displayed. All my other settings under code completion are identical to yours with the exception of the Root folder.

I checked around and found there was a fix that might address this. It will be in the next Beta. The issue number is TDB-680. It is not something I can reproduce so you will need to download the Beta and see if it resolves. The Beta with the fix will be available next week.

Thank you for all your help. I will post back later next week if the Beta resolves the issue.

Same problem TDP 3.6

If you would like to pursue this further i would need you to upgrade to the latest version TDP 3.8 and then open a support ticket. Sounds like we have some environmental issue that needs to be tracked down.

Thank you for your quick response.

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If you would like to pursue this further i would need you to upgrade to the latest version TDP 3.8 and then open a support ticket. Sounds like we have some environmental issue that needs to be tracked down.

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