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Code Completion pop up closes right away


I just installed the freeware version of Toad for Sql Server (on Windows 8) and am having some issues with the code completion pop up. I can get it to open when I’m typing or by using the CTRL + . shortcut but in both cases the pop up closes right away. The pop up gets created and the code completion results look correct (from what I can tell in the short time it’s open) but the pop up closes right away, probably within a second. I haven’t made any changes to the options so I’m using all the default settings. Any idea why the code completion window closes right away?



The code completion window will closes right away only you using CTRL+.? Is there any shortcut key conflict with it?

How about typing spacekey or alt+.?

I was unable to reproduce it on SS6.5 Freeware version.




Did you use the Multiple Monitors?

We have an known issue that if you using more than 2 monitors, code completion window will flash on one of the monitor.

The temporary resolution is, moving toad to other monitor…



I think it might be a windows 8 scaling issue. I have a high resolution laptop that was hooked up to two additional monitors. With that configuration, the code complete window would pop open and then close right away. There are also some issues with alignment and spacing for many of the options pop ups.

I unplugged from my external monitors and then the code complete would pop up but was aligned all the way on the left hand side of the screen.

I then set the “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” Windows option for Toad and the pop up started displaying correctly.

Very annoying but it doesn’t seem like a Toad issue. I’ll test out some additional configurations tomorrow and if I figure anything out any substantial I’ll add a note here.


Is there a permanent fix going in for this?


Edit: I noticed that if the window is on external monitor but shrunk to a size smaller than my laptop monitor, it will work. If I increase the size or make it full screen, it fails.

Edit2: I noticed it only cares about screen height and not width.


To add to what @patrick.kelley noted, the problem goes away if I set my large external monitor to be the 'Main Display' in windows settings so this is a workaround. (Toad for SQL Server in Windows 10)