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Code Completion not pulling fields from a DB2 for z/OS alias

The subject pretty much sums up the problem I am experiencing. I have a working connection to a DB2 database on z/OS and code completion has no problem finding and showing the field names of tables and views, but doesn't show any fields when using an alias that references a view. As you can see below, whenever I press space after the select, I get a list of all tables, views and aliases again, instead of just the fields in the view that ADJEXCL alias references.

Is this by design, a permission issue, a known issue that we can work around somehow, etc.?

Hi Ray,

I am not sure where on screenshot is the alias? I’d say it should be something like “select … from db.my_View as vw” where the “vw” part is the alias and then typing vw + dot should list the fields of the view referenced by the “vw” alias…
However your screenshot shows like QDSPR is schema and ADJEXCL is the view, but the actual alias of the view is missing… maybe you wanted to type “select … from QDSPR.ADJEXCL a” (the small ‘a’ at the end)?

Also, can you please tell me what version of z/OS and version of Toad (Help > About) are you using?

Thank you,



Not an alias as in aliased table/view reference, but an alias as in created alias. See here:

In that screenshot, ADJEXCL is the alias.

I am using Toad Data Point and DB2 for z/OS 10. By the way, this works perfectly in DbVisualizer with the same alias, same database, same server, so I doubt it’s either a syntax or permissions issue.

Thank you.

I’ve received email notification that you’ve replied but can’t see the post here - odd…

Thanks for the clarification - we’ve confirmed the bug on our side - when using an alias object created for view/table the code completion doesn’t fill in columns on top… We will test it a little more just to be sure it’s not related to wrong settings on environment / database / client and then we will create a new task to get this bug fixed for the next release. Will get back to you with the reference ID once we have one,


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Thanks for the information - we have recreated the alias code-completion issue in house and have opened TDB-3043 to track and fix that.