Toad v8.0: Code Completion popup issue using Tab button to indent text

Using the tab button to move part of a script text to the right, in order to indent a row, popup quickly appears containing the fields present in the involved table. Starting from the second tab click, continuing to move text on the right, the first field in popup is automatically selected and reported in the script, preventing you from proceeding with the indentation.

Maybe to fix it, it's enough not to automatically select the first field.


Hmmm... I can reproduce, but I can only get it to happen if I place my editor's cursor right at the beginning of a column. This makes sense if you have Code Completion (e.g. type-ahead) turned on, as Toad will display possible "next tokens" in the context of where you're cursor is at... and the Code Completion pop-up is triggered by valid white space characters. So, in your example, pressing Space would also produce the pop-up, I'm guessing.

Here's some work-arounds, if you don't like the pop-up:

  1. Turn off Code Completion...
    Turn off the checkbox for Code Completion found in the Toad Options base
    (e.g. Tools->Options->Editor->Code Completion->General... see snap below.)
    incidentally, just because you turn off Code Completion's automatic pop up, doesn't mean that you can never bring it up. Even with Code Completion off, you can always bring it up in valid places by pressing the shortcut key Ctl-<period>.

  2. Alternatively, set the Code Completion pop-up delay to 1000ms or more. This will give you time to hit Tab a number of times quickly to get to your indentation level before the pop-up rears.

  3. Hit the <Esc> key if the Code Completion pop-up comes up.
    So, as an example, to indent 5 lines of your code three levels,

    • highlight those five code lines,
    • then press tab, <Esc>, tab, <Esc>, tab, <Esc>

Thanks for your quick reply, Gary.
I made just some test more, comparing 7.4 and 8.0.
Option setting is the same for both (I migrate it from 7.4 during 8.0 installation).
Simply tab button doesn't open Code Completion Popup in 7.4, while in 8.0 does.
"space button" works for both of them.

however I think your trick number 2 will do the work, togheter with hint at number 3 when sometime you stop hit tab thinking about code.
I love automatic code completion so I want to leave it on


Thanks for the response... wasn't aware that 7.4 version wasn't triggering the pop-up... hopefully a member of the Quest Development team will see this as a possible anomaly and take note... at least to confirm if this is a new feature in 8.0, or a tiny bug that needs to be addressed.

Hi Gary,

just another issue.
The completion popup often appears at the top of the screen when it shouldn't. The popup is cut off, shown in half and you cannot manage popup contents because data are simply off the pc screen.

For now I'm going back to 7.4, that seems more stable.

Can you check please? Sample screen attached.

A) 7.4.1 Version (Popup correctly towards the bottom)

A) 8.0 Version (Popup placed upwards)


OK, Did some testing, and I can reproduce, but only when the pop-up window has been sized to have a longer length. We'll have Dev take a look at this, but in the meantime, it appears a workaround is simply to re-size the pop-up panel to a smaller footprint.

Even when the pop-up is cut off, as in your/my example, a re-size to a smaller area brings back the entire panel again.

Hope this helps.


Hello there,

the mentioned behavior is expected, we had issues when the pop-up windows popped down while the editor's cursor was at the bottom part of the screen, many devs spend a ton of time on the bottom part of the screens, so we have introduced a fix in the latest version to window pop towards the top of the screen instead if there is no enough space to show the window at the full size, seems out fix for this particular use case renders unpleasant experience as well, we will examine that with the R&D.

We will look at both issues to reproduce them and fix them in our 8.1 release, I will return with another update to share our backlog IDs connected with both of the issues mentioned on this thread.

Hi Rejhan,
I understand what you write but it should be clear to everyone that it is useless to make the popup appear at the top of the page if you are unable to read or click on the content, since in this case the scrollbar becomes useless.
If the table contains even more than 20-30 fields, there is no way to see them, since 80% of the popup lies outside the screen.

My advice is to allow the popup to grow upwards but prevent the top side of the popup from going off the screen. The content will then be managed via scrollbar.

However, following Gary's advice (reducing the size of the popup to a minimum) can help to reduce the problem.


Thanks Aviani,

I really love the input on the issue here, I hope remediation will be sufficient from the solution-perspective until we introduce a better user experience through the development cycle, our R&D team already picked up this issue for analysis so we can confirm effort levels and add it to the list on our future product release roadmap.