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Code Insight pick list in Toad


I’m using Toad for Oracle EBS, Previous version 12.1 is much quicker in displaying the table list and its associated columns, but in 12.10 there is a delay in the drop down list to show the tables and columns. I exported Application Data directory folder from 12.1 and imported to 12.10 to keep my Toad options as is, but still the results are same.

In 12.10

under toad insight objects; I selected (synonyms,tables,users and views) only.

Under Toad insight group box ; I selected Enable Code Insight Pick list, Cache code insight results, Show object types as text in pick list and delay popups as 50 milliseconds.

I heavily rely on toad for my day to day development due to slow code insight response I had to switch back to my older version. Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you!


Under what context are you comparing the two versions? Are you invoking Code Insight with SELECT or other DML as standalone statements or are they located within PL/SQL? If located within PL/SQL please test it in standalone statements outside of PL/SQL and let me know if the two are comparable. There is much more internal work done behind the scenes in 12.10, but that work should be minimal with only those 4 included items you have set. Other items like “PL/SQL Varables/Parameters” and “Join Suggestions” will significantly increase the amount of internal work.



For Standalone Select and DML Stmts.


*I was using TOAD for ORACLE and I just switched to a new laptop so I downloaded the latest version of TOAD and setup everything. *

*I can do the Control-t to get my list of tables to show up but when I add an alias and then do alias dot nothing comes up. *

*I have restarted toad multiple times but nothing helps. I found this post and thought I would see if there is anything new about this issue? If not I will try to download an old version and see if it works okay. *

Thank you


Same issue in Toad 12.12 version as well. Hope I find an answer to this post.

Thank you!


These are the options selected for latest version 12.2, when ever i try to write a stand alone oracle sql stmt to select the columns after table alias “.” for every key up and down the popup refreshes and takes time to load code insight picklist, but 12.1 is much faster. Hope this performance issue will be addressed.


There are quite a few changes between 12.1 and 12.12. Most notably is the introduction of join suggestions. On the Editor|Code Assist page in Toad’s Options disable the “Join Suggestions” item in the Toad Insight Objects box. Try your query again. Does this improve things?




Under Toad Insight Objects box ; I selected only synonyms,tables,users and views.
Under toad Insight Group box, I selected only enable code insight pick list, cache code insight results and set delay popups to “50” milliseconds.

I’ve tested this multiple times with various tables, views in Oracle EBS Apps schema, but I did not find any improvements.

Thank you!



I see what you mean now using APPS. I was testing with a much smaller schema. I’ll log this to investigate.




Looks like the issue is not fixed even in release 13.0. Can you please investigate it, I’m still stuck with Release 12.1

Thank you!