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Toad Insight Drop down list

I am using Toad for Oracle Version In a previous version if I typed the following in sql editor:

select s.column

from schema.table s

after creating an alias for the table I could then use the alias(1), the drop down list of available columns would appear(2), then I could start typing the column name and that column or similar column names would migrate to the top for selection(3). With this new version, the last of these steps (3) does not happen. The entire list (which is very long) still appears. It also will not allow me to do these steps in cross schema querying although I was able to do it in a previous version.

I have tried configuring Toad Insight Objects by unchecking cache code insight results. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you have statements above the statement you are working on they must be terminated. It sounds like there is a syntax error above the statement you’re in.