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Code Road Map - Cancel?


Is there a way of cancelling Code Road map once it gets going? I hit the button by mistake and now, 10 minutes later, it tells me its still “Updating Diagram…Loading Graphics…”. I ended up opening another TOAD and randomly killing my sessions…seemed to work.



Sorry, no way right now… But it would be a fine feature for sure.
10 minutes of creating the diagram is weary. Unless you don’t have ~1k
workspace items, loading graphics shouldn’t last so long. (Well, it
should never last so long but that’s another case. :slight_smile: ). Could you,
please, tell what user interaction (step by step, if possible) did you

  1. Open Toad (beta). I have auto connect and default to SB set.
  2. In the SB LHS Tables tab select a table (I picked one of our core ones so it would be used by lots of things)
  3. Click on the Code Road Map button in the SB LHS buttons (I clicked it by accident which is how I found this)
  4. Wait…wait…go get a coffee…ok, kill it…