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in our company, we have a stored procedures publisher that receives a .SQL file and create procedures, packages, etc in datavase without checking anything. Our request now is to create a way to verify procedures (quality of the code, there is no necessity to connect to db) before creating them.
I liked so much of Code Analysis but I could not find a way to run it without creating a project and action. It makes my proposal unfeasible.
It trere a way to call codexpert through command line sending the .SQL file as a parameter and gets a score of the stored procedure code?


For 11.1, we support parameter files in the CA Action so you could make a
generic CA action, create the parameter file and then update that file with your
desired script(s) each time you want to run CA via the command line. Is this the
kind of thing you’re looking for?


Hi, Greg,

i thank your help!
it is exactly what i need. Is there a way to return a kind of score to classify the procedure as poor, medium ou high quality code?
When will Toad 11.1 become commercial?

Thanks in advance.


The Toad Code Rating (TCR) gives you a score of 1-4 (good, fair, bad, and you
should pick up trash for a living).

Late spring for the release.


The TCR has been in there for quite some time – so you don’t need
11.1 to get that